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  Themes Homepage > Along the Wey
Headley's Past in Pictures
Along the Wey

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The southern arm of the River Wey runs through the west of the parish in a loop, flowing from south to north, with various smaller tributaries joining it. In the past there have been a number of water mills along its length-now only Headley Mill remains in working order. We start our journey in Hollywater, one of the 'forgotten' hamlets of the parish. It sits at the point where three parishes join. In the old days, the boundaries of Headley, Bramshott and Selborne met opposite the Royal Oak pub at the 'centre of a chimney of a house inhabited by a person named Eade'. This house was demolished between 1881 and 1890, leaving no trace as to where the chimney stood. A joint party from Bramshott and Headley in 1890 then determined it to be: "in a small garden lying due north and 23 paces from the door of the house inhabited by Charles Fisher; the spot being 5 yards from the S. bank, and 7 yards from the W. bank, and 12 paces from a wild cherry tree situated on the E. side of the garden." A tributary of the Wey flows through the hamlet from Hollywater Pond, whose water, tradition says, had curative properties.
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  Themes Homepage > Along the Wey
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