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Famous Slough
Passing Through

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Famous people from all walks of life have a connection with Slough, having either been born, lived or died here. Here are the details of just a few:

From the world of politics:

St. Bernards School, formally Hawtreys Preparatory School
St. Bernards School, formally Hawtreys Preparatory School
· In 1878, a 10-year-old Stanley Baldwin, who would later go on to become Prime Minister three times (in 1923-24, 1924-29, and 1935-37), went to Hawtreys Preparatory School in Slough.

· Steve Bell, the political cartoonist who draws the 'If…' cartoon in the 'Guardian', grew up in Slough.


· Kalim Siddiqui, journalist and Muslim activist, lived in Slough for many years and is buried in the town's cemetery. He worked for the 'Guardian' for many years, and left to found the Muslim Institute.

From the world of sport:

· Former Chelsea, Southampton and England footballer Peter Osgood tragically died of a heart attack while attending his uncle's funeral in Slough.

· Ice dancers Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean trained for their Olympic gold medal at the Slough Ice Arena.

· Boxer Tommy Farr lived in Slough for a time. In 1937 he lost to World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis on points - it was broadcast on BBC radio, becoming the first sporting event relayed by transatlantic cable.

Slough Ice Arena, Bath Road, Slough. 19th July 1992
Slough Ice Arena, Bath Road, Slough. 19th July 1992

· Fiona May has twice been world long jump champion for Italy. She was actually born in Slough, but took Italian nationality in the 1990s to benefit from better training facilities.

From the world of entertainment:

· In the late 1930s, singer Alma Cogan's family lived in Slough, and she went to St Joseph's Convent. She had a number one hit in 1955 with 'Dreamboat'.

Sixties model Jean Shrimpton - known as 'the Shrimp' - and her sister Chrissie (who dated Mick Jagger) both went to St Bernard's Convent School in Slough.

· Brian Connolly, singer with 1970s supergroup 'The Sweet', died at Wexham Park Hospital in 1997.

· Comedy legend Ernie Wise, straight man to Eric Morecambe in their famous double-act, also died at Wexham, in 1999, and was cremated at Slough Crematorium.

· Tracy Ullman, comedienne and pop singer, was born in Slough. She is best known for the TV series 'Three of a Kind' and for her number two hit 'They Don't Know'.

· Billy Smart, world-famous circus owner, started work at his father's fairground in Slough. He went on to establish one of the world's largest circuses.

From the art world:

Langley Hall, formally Langely Place. July 2004
Langley Hall, formally Langely Place. July 2004
· John Nash, painter, was educated at Langley Place in Slough. He was the first living artist to be given a retrospective exhibition by the Royal Academy, in 1967.

· Another painter, Cecil Aldin, was born in Slough in 1870. He was best known for his paintings of animals and rural life.


And some other well-known people:

· Helen Sharman, who became Britain's first astronaut in 1991 when she spent 8 days on the Mir Space Station, worked for a time as a research technologist in the Mars Factory on the Trading Estate.

· Legendary East End gangster Ronnie Kray died in Wexham Park Hospital in 1995. With his brother Reggie, he was one of the most notorious London villains of the 1960s. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in 1969.

· And finally, the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret, was cremated at Slough Crematorium.

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  Themes Homepage > Passing Through
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