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  Themes Homepage > James Elliman Junior
Famous Slough
James Elliman Junior

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James Elliman Junior was born in 1846, the year after the Elliman family moved to Slough. His father, James Elliman Senior, founded the company which produced the famous Elliman's Embrocation. On Elliman Senior's death in 1870, his sons James and Samuel took over the business. Following Samuels' death in a hunting accident in 1884 James Elliman Junior took sole charge of the company, which he retained until his death, when it was taken over by members of his family.

Elliman was well travelled during his lifetime, and visited countries in all corners of the globe. In later life he moved to Hove, which is where he died in 1924.

Today, Elliman is best remembered for his generosity, and gave much of his wealth back to the community. In 1885 he donated land and money towards the building of the Public Hall in the High Street, a project for which he was also a trustee.

In 1897 he provided the site for Slough's first fire station in Mackenzie Street, and also the funds to build the station. Two years later he provided the fire service with a steam fire engine.

In 1902, Elliman gave £9,000 for the building of a drill hall and club room in Wellington Street, for the use of the Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry Battalion, 'C' Company.


Five years later came his most famous gift, when he donated the land to create Salt Hill Playing Fields, and also paid for the buildings and the landscaping, as well as putting £10,000 in a fund to provide for the upkeep of the park.

Entrance to Salt Hill Playing Fields, 1907
Entrance to Salt Hill Playing Fields, 1907

When St Mary's Parish Church was in need of enlarging, Elliman gave £10,000 to the fund. Also, as a mark of his esteem towards Father Clemente, he gave the Roman Catholic church a baptismal font in 1912.

The value of Ellimans' gifts to Slough was almost £100,000, a massive sum in those days, but Elliman did not seek publicity and did not want his name associated with his gifts. The Urban District Council were particularly keen to name the Salt Hill Playing Fields after him, but Elliman refused, and suggested the name that was ultimately used.

However, his name did live on after his death, with Elliman Avenue and the James Elliman School being named in his honour.

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  Themes Homepage > James Elliman Junior
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