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  Themes Homepage > Slough Community Centre
Living in Slough
Slough Community Centre

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One of the most famous innovations related to the Trading Estate was the Slough Community Centre on Farnham Road, which was the first of its kind in the world. It was the brainchild of Sir Noel Mobbs, chairman of Slough Estates, and was intended to cater for the recreational needs of local workers.

The Centre cost £45,000 to build, and among the facilities it offered were a hall which could accommodate 800 people, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. It provided a home for more than 150 local clubs, including the local branches of the Citizens Advice Bureau, the St John Ambulance and the civil defence.

The Centre was officially opened in April 1937 by Queen Mary, and was visited in December that year by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, who famously played a game of darts there - greatly increasing the popularity of the sport nationwide. The Centre was also visited by industrialists from the United States and elsewhere.

The Centre was demolished in 1997 and a new complex built on the site.

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  Themes Homepage > Slough Community Centre
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