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  Themes Homepage > The Famous Bambridge Brothers
Sporting Slough
The Famous Bambridge Brothers

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All 3 of these famous footballing brothers played for England. They were all born in Windsor, and played for Slough-based team Swifts before going on to play for the famous amateur side Corinthians.

The eldest, Ernest Henry Bambridge, was born in 1848. He played one game for England as a forward. He was a member of the FA Committee from 1876 to 1882, and was a founder member of the Corinthians Club in 1882.

The youngest was Arthur Leopold Bambridge, who was born in 1861 and played 3 times for England as a defender.

The most famous was the middle brother, Edward Charles Bambridge, who was born in 1858. He was known as 'Charlie Bam', and was thought by many to be the best left-winger of his era. He played 18 times for England between 1879 and 1887, and scored 11 goals. In the 1884 match against Ireland, he and his younger brother Arthur both played, and both scored.

Charlie was twice made captain of England, for the games against Ireland in 1882 and 1887. The first of these games was England's biggest ever victory, 13-0.

Like his elder brother, Charlie also served on the FA Committee, in his case from 1883 to 1886, and was also a founder member of Corinthians, where he played for 3 years and was made Honorary Secretary later in life.

On one famous occasion, Charlie played in a cup tie with a broken leg, and scored the winning goal. He strapped a shin pad to his good leg to draw the tackles of his opponents.

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  Themes Homepage > The Famous Bambridge Brothers
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