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  Themes Homepage > Maxwell Fraser & the History of Slough > The parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey by Maxwell Fraser
The parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey by Maxwell Fraser
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Brief Description: Chapter 1 of the History of Slough by Maxwell Fraser takes you through the geology, prehistory and Saxon period of Slough's history. The chapter also explains the origins of local place names.
Subject Date: 01/01/0001 - 30/09/1066
Creator: Maxwell Fraser
Article: Chapter 1: The parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey by Maxwell Fraser
Publication: The history of Slough
Publisher: Slough Corporation
Owner: Slough Library
Contributor: Slough Library
Full Description: The history of Slough by Maxwell Fraser was originally a series of articles that appeared in the Slough Observer. In 1973 Fraser combined her articles, together with some other research, and produced the History of Slough. This article is a chapter from the second edition of her book which was published in 1980. It has been reproduces by permission of Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru / The National Library of Wales and with the blessing of the Slough Observer and the Slough & District Civic Society.
Collection: Maxwell Fraser Collection
Place: Eton ; Herefordshire ; Langley ; Radnorshire ; Salt Hill ; Upton ; Cippenham ; Boveney ; Buckinghamshire ; Denham ; Dorney ; Eton ; Farnham ; Gerrards Cross ; Horton ; Iver ; Langley ; Middle Green Langley ; Maidenhead ; Middle Green ; Milton Road ; Sta
Dimensions: 21 x 29.7 cm
Subject: Pubs and inns ; derivation and meaning of Parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey Name ; Farms and farming ; Bricks and brickmaking ; Geology ; Gravel extraction ; Horticulture ; Farms and farming ; Parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey Parish Registers ; Bricks and brickmaking ; Roads ; Roman roads ; Roman Britain ; Saxon period ; Parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey Herschel Park ; Farms and farming ; Fields ; Field systems ; Fisheries ; Mills ; Roads ; Farms and farming ; Parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey Fields ; Parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey Fisheries Black Potts ; Lordships of manors ;
Name Subject: Crimson Rambler rose ; Dianthus Mrs. Sinkins ; Sir William Herschel ; Crimson Rambler Rose ; Mrs. Sinkins' Pink ; John Tawell ; Crown Inn ; Crown Hotel ; Crown Hotel ;W.H. Fussell ; Richard Halliday ; George Lipscombe ; Urban Sanitary Authority ; Major ; Priors of Merton Priory ; Monmouthshire ; Rev. Pownoll W. Phipps ; Sainsbury's ; William Shakespeare Merry Wives of Windsor ; W.S. Shears ; River Thames ; Ditton Park ; Horlicks Ltd. ; Parish Registers ; Taplow Terrace ; River Thames ; Trading Estate Well ; Wells at Horlick's and on the Trading Estate ; Graham West ; Battle of Bensington ; St. Birinius Bishop of Dorchester ; Bapsey Pool ; conversion to Christianity ; Cippenham name ; Colne Valley Iver ; Domesday Book ; See of Dorchester-on-Thames ; St.Birinius Bishop of Dorchester-on-Thames ; Egbert King of Wessex ; Herschel Park ; Icknield Way ; Offa King of Mercia ; Middle Thames Archaeological & Historical Society ; St. Birinius Bishop of Dorchester ; Saxons conversion to Christianity ; Saxon names ; River Thames ; Kingdom of Wessex ; Diocese of Winchester ; Black Potts ; Edward the Confessor ; Eel fisheries ; King Harold ; Battle of Hastings ; Hundred Court ; St. Laurence’s Church Upton ; Battle of Senlac ; Hundred of Stoke ; Hundred of Stoke Court ; River Thames ; Upton Wood ; Windsor Castle ; W.S. Shears ; Graham West ; W.H. Fussell ; Richard Halliday
Content Type: Book
Location: Slough Library
Local Ref: MF Chapter 1
Unique ID: sl-sl-max_chapter01-d-04-000.pdf
IPR: National Library of Wales
  Themes Homepage > Maxwell Fraser & the History of Slough > The parish of Upton-cum-Chalvey by Maxwell Fraser
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