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St Mary Parish church Slough

The Town of Slough

Slough originally developed as a stopping-off point for coaches travelling between London and Bath. It remained as a small village until the mid-1800s and the coming of the railway - Slough quickly became a thriving town and a popular place to live, within easy reach of London and Windsor. The growth of the Trading Estate in the 20th Century means that Slough continues to be a busy, successful town.

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Sir William Herschel

George III's personal astronomer Sir William Herschel who discovered the planet Uranus, came to live in Slough in 1786.
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Just published on Maxwell Fraser's definitive book on our town's past
The History of Slough

Picture Gallery Children on Empire Day
Themed galleries which highlight some of the photos held in the Images database.
Victorian Slough Mars employee cutting strips of caramel
Several new churches were built in Victorian Slough, including St Mary's in Church Street and St Ethelbert's Roman Catholic Chapel.
Living in Slough
Poets Ian McMillan and Attila the Stockbroker have both written poems in praise of Slough.

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