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Slough in the 1950s and 1960s


  I have written about my thoughts on moving to Slough as a child in 1956 together with my thoughts of the town at that time. I went to school in Slough, firstly at the Orchard Secondary Modern and the at Slough Technical School. I spent one year at the school when it was on William Street and then we were moved to the Farnham Road School. I remained there until 1962 when I went to college. After that I returned periodically to Langley/Slough until 1992. My parents continued to live in Langley. My father died in 1985 and was buried at the cemetery off Stoke Road. My mother moved in 1992 and came to live with me in the US. She died in 2000 and is buried next to my father. I return to Slough each year to visit my parents graves and to 'look around'. I have written more extensively on Slough at my website: Please visit the site: and leave a comment.

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