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The lido

by Thomas Conway

  My Family moved to Slough around 1968, We had done a council house exchange and moved to Bartelotts Road on The Britwell est. I have some great memory's of the period. I always seem to think winters were much colder and summers were much warmer. As a teenager I used to always go the the lido on a Saturday morning one year I went every week from April till October. First one in and then straight back out to get a hot shower. On the way home used to go in the wimpy or the horseshoe cafe for a cupa and a bite, then slough record centre before peddling off home. None of it seemed special at the time but now 40 years on it does. The areas around slough were fantastic for kids growing up we had Burnham beeches, Bayleys Lido, Maidenhead Dorney Windsor and pals from Langley aswell. Great Times.

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