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Langley Broom

  My grandparents, Archie and Ada Munro, moved to Langley in about 1917, where my mother was born in Feb 1918 over what was then the shop for Harris's Bacon factory, and is now a betting shop in Langley High Street. My great aunt was married to Walter Woodward, the manager of the factory, which was by the railway line. My grandparents lived in the High street until 1929 when they moved to the then new houses of Langley Broom, which were developed by a Mr Smith, who lived in the farm house for which Langley Broom was the entrance avenue. They lived there as Smith's tenants until compulsory purchase by the LCC in the 1950s, but remained there until they died in 1969 and 1973. This was very much our family home and I remember it as a child as a sleepy country area, though, of course, no more The houses were later demolished, not many years after the roadway was made up, about 40 years late. I see from a recent press article that the trees are causing some concern and may need pruning, but they were always magnificent. I have another great aunt, still alive, who lived in another of the houses in Langley Broom, where in later years she kept donkeys to keep the garden, by then rather overgrown, in order. I do have photos of the house and of the old entrance to Langley Broom which I will try and find. I would be interested if others have any recollections or mementoes.

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