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Herschel Lodge and Westmacott

by Roger Griffiths

Herschel Lodge and Westmacott by Reg Harrison
Herschel Lodge and Westmacott by Reg Harrison
  This looks like a building I knew well. The LH part was occupied by Doctor Dunne in the early/mid 1950's. The RH part was a Prep School, Windsor House School (Yellow caps and blue blazers). I was there from about 1950 until 1956. The Headmistress was a Mrs VR Noding. She didn't like me but she did like my younger brother. I did not enjoy my time there but the highlights were bread and dripping or jam sandwiches after sports. We used the Cricket Club for sports and sports days. I still have a photo from Slough Observer coming 2nd in the egg and spoon race in 1955. Mrs Noding appeared to be a very severe Edwardian lady, long black hair going grey wrapped around her head and retained by a black velvet headband. Always wore a nice silk blouse and tight woolen skirt. Later I realized that she was actually a very warm and human person. She had come from Richmond, where she was a teacher at Richmond Ladies School. Another teacher from Richmond was Miss DV Hardcastle and Sister who had also been teachers in the same school. Miss Hardcastle ran a Kindergarten in the town where my brother and I had previously attended.

  I think Peter Lawrence of Slough Observer also went to WHS but that was before my time. I knew his younger brother, Christopher who was at the school at the same time as me.

  From where the picture was taken, the Granada Cinema was to the left. To the right was or is the Eton Rural District Council ofices. On the right hand side of the road from where the picture was taken was or is where the Registrar of Births Marriages and Deaths was or is.

  Herschel's house was opposite the Granada Cinema, left of this picture. The family still lived there until the 50s, when the house was demolished. I never saw them coming or going. The house looked Gothic or Neo Gothic to me and therefore not 1800ish. I believe the famous 40' telescope (demolishes c1839/40) was behind the house or a prevous house on the site.

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