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Coming from the Valleys

  During the economic downturn of the 1920s and 30s, many people moved to Slough from South Wales, attracted by the prospect of work on the newly established Slough Estates.

  In 1919, my mother's father had returned to Wales from India where he had been teaching, to marry and a few years later he was amongst those who moved permanently to Slough. He lived first in St. Paul's Avenue until he was able to purchase land and build a house for his growing family in Farnburn Avenue, off the Farnham Road, from where he ran his engineering business. Many other workers arriving around this time were temporarily housed in Timbertown, an estate of wooden bungalows, also off the Farnham Road.

  Over the next few years, my mother's two uncles and both her grandparents also moved down from Wales and all lived close to one another.

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