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The Clark Army in WW2

  By the 2nd World War Mum and Dad had 12 children, but 3 died very young. Bill was in the Pioneer Corp (RSVP) in Clacton. I worked in the cookhouse for a year then I was discharged due to my poor eyesight.

  Our brothers; Jim was a Sergeant in the Artillery, Sid was a Sergeant-Major in the Duke of Cornwall - Dad's regiment, Alf was in the London Irish, Dick was in the Anzacs, the Australian and New Zealand Corp and Jack was in the Gordon Highlanders. Our neighbours called us the Clark Army.

  When the war finished our family had a party. Us boys went around the streets singing "In the Quarter Master's Stores" and all the neighbours came out to join in. Mum prayed that her six sons returned home safely at the end of the war, and she felt very fortunate that we all did.

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